2 bedroom apartment, Seville

2 bedroom apartment

Seville, Spain
  • 2 bedrooms
  • apartment
  • Surface Area: 60m2
  • Furnished
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€1320 Monthly
2 bedrooms Furnished
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**Spotahome has not yet visited this property. Your guided video tour, professional photos and detailed description will be here soon!** * You are a few minutes away from Calle Torneo and Calle Resolana, which are main avenues for several bus lines. * Seville is a very bike-friendly city, so don't hesitate to try the public bike system – Sevici. **Alameda/Feria** Youralternative and historical hangout **Overview** Alameda is a long plaza lined with restaurants and bars. Alameda is not what you&'d expect. Alameda once had a dangerous reputation. But not anymore. You could say it&'s done a 180. Because today it&'s home to the alternative scene. The square erupts at night. Young Sevillanos flock here for _botellón_. That&'s when you sit outside for a drink and a chat with friends. It&'s a sight to see. Expect impromptu music performances. Why not join in? If it&'s an original Andalusian bar you seek, go straight to Calle Feria. This historic street is also known for the Jueves Street Market. It&'s held every Thursday. **What can I do here?** Alameda is for people of all ages, at all times of day. In the plazas, you&'ll find play areas and bars next to each other. So if you have children, you can enjoy a sunny afternoon with your friends and family without letting your kids out of sight. Clever, eh? Alameda plaza also hosts medieval fairs and open-air concerts. Feel like dancing? This is the place to bring your friends – you can find everything from jazz clubs to bars playing &'80s classics until sunrise. If you&'re a fan of fusion food, take a walk down Calatrava Street. It&'s packed with fabulous restaurants. **Fun fact** At the southern end of the plaza there are 2 Roman columns. Hercules stands on one, Julius Caesar on the other. Local myth says Hercules founded the city. He arrived on the banks of Seville and began the first Phoenician trading post. Legend! **Can I afford it?** €€–€€€ (mid-range–expensive) **Get in touch:** [#removed#](#removed#)